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Quotes Natalie not just a great Personal Trainer but also a fantastic Kinesiologist. Even though I still cannot figure out how she fixes me every time it is well worth it! Highly recommend Natalie's services to anyone. Igor K Founder of Quotes
Igor K

Quotes I cant thank Natalie Thurgood enough for her holistic approuch to fittness. I have trained with Natalie for 18 months. She not only help me loose weight with her fantastic approach to fitness but gave me a whole new understanding of body awareness and well being.Thank you so much Natalie. I feel so lucky to have had you as my fitness instructure. Very best wishes for the future. Dave Francuz Quotes
David Francuz
Happy as larry

Quotes (Part 1) As a massage therapist myself, I have been very impressed and excited to be able to witness, Nat working in her Sports Kinesiology capacity. She has broad knowledge and is passionate, driven and dedicated to bringing relief to the mind/body/spirit of those who come to her. I have referred quite a few of my clients to her, and in addition to finding them easier to massage afterwards. I have heard good feedback from regarding their treatment with Nat. Nat is also very generous with her knowledge, time and counsel. She has been supporting and encouraging me in both my professional and personal aspects of my life. Nat is approachable, kind, gentle and respectfully jovial. It is these qualities that both my small children and elderly friends, have found endearing. It is Nat's ability to relate to all ages and all walks of life and how she embraces and respects them, coupled with her natural ability that sets her apart from her peers. Quotes
Carmel Dawn
Massage Therapist- Kinesiology and Spiritual Body Wisdom Client

Quotes (part 2) I have had a number of sessions with Nat, and always feel a boast in my energy, enthusiastic and more structurally sound over the days that follow. During my first session with Nat, she encountered a very special loved one of mine who had died 10 years earlier. One moment during the session, I closed my eyes and told my loved one that I loved him so much. Immediately after this, Nat touched me on the shoulder and said "He said he loves you too". This was one of the most powerful experiences in my life. Water ran from my eyes. It felt as though some more of the pain from his passing was leaving my heart and body. I have done a lot of work over the years around my grief, and have never experienced such a comfortable, emotional release as this. The room at the end of the session was filled with love, peace and tremendous sense of tranquillity and this feeling has resonated within me long afterwards. I feel privileged to have met such a person as Nat. Quotes
Carmel Dawn
Massage therapist- Kinesiology and Spiritual Body Wisdom Client

Quotes Natalie has been treating me for the past few months. At her visit she gave me hope and encouraged for me to make more effort to move my legs. With each subsequent visit, I have experienced improvement in my range of movement. The positive, prayerful approach to healing is a great encouragement to all she treats. When I first heard about Natalie the Kinesiologist, I was very sceptical, but when there seems to be no other solution anything is worth a try. I realized after her first visit that Natalie had given me hope, something nobody else had done. Each subsequent visit has seen an improvement in my condition. Natalie is a ray of sunshine coming into my home every 6 weeks. Her positive attitude and gentle encouragement as she sees each small improvement in my condition as helping me regain movement in my legs. Quotes
Marilla Gordon
Kinesiology and Spirtual Body Wisdom Client

Quotes In July 2009, I lost my very much loved husband, my mate, my confidant, my director at age 61 from cancer. Also in February 2009, I lost my very dear mum. Yes I was in a very dark place. February 2011, along came Natalie, an angel in disguise, a light in shining armour. Through her beliefs, honesty and integrity. She has shown me the way to strengthen my emotions and become my own person Her healing powers have reduced the aches and pains that they are no longer depressing me and I find my energy levels are getting better. I love my garden and Natalie has helped me realize that this is my way of meditating. "No guilt wasting time". As you can see Natalie has helped me in many ways. I truly value her help, understanding and friendship. Quotes
Marlene Johnston
Kinesiology and Spiritual Body Wisdom Client

Quotes "I came to Natalie having already been to a physio and a podiatrist for a problem I was having with my ankle. Previous attempts to resolve my issues provided only short term success, so I was really keen to get to the root cause of the problem. After just one session with Natalie, things improved immediately. The combination of kinesiology and a customised training program proved a winning combination and I'm happy to report I've had no further problems with my ankle. I just wish I lived in Sydney rather than London at the moment so I could come and see Natalie more frequently!" Quotes
Anthony Hickson
Kinesiology Client

Quotes I've been participating in group personal training sessions run by Natalie Thurgood for over 3 years. Natalie is a reliable and knowledgeable trainer and our sessions are always fun and varied. Natalie has been a valuable addition to my fitness regime and I would happily recommend her for group and individual trainiing. Quotes
Elizabeth Hughes
Genesis Financial Partners

Quotes I find the sessions deeply relaxing and the associated counselling really helpful and insightful. Your life experience gives you special insight to identify problems and issues. I my case, the combination of the physical treatment and counselling has solved several of my personal issues. Not enough. I am currently chasing various lung treatments to allow me to do more hard physical exercise. I would prefer to have the sessions outside but I understand it is not possible. Quotes
John Jamieson
Personal Training and Kinesiology Client

Quotes Very sceptical at first but felt more comfortable as the programme was explained to me in a most professional manner. Extremely well informed, professional and reassuring in all facets of Kinesiology Harder than I expected but will feel the benefits as I progress. Just keep doing what you are doing as I believe everyone improves, in whatever field they are involved in, with practice. Keep up the good work and the very best of continued success in the future. Quotes
Ron Dempsey
Kinesiology Client