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What is Kinesiology?

"Kinesiology, literally the study of body movement,  health disciplines which use gentle muscle testing to monitor information about a person’s well-being. It originated in the 1960’s, combining Western techniques with Eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional and spiritual health. "

Our Explanation

Okay well that is the technical explanation of kinesiology. Now below we will explain kinesiology to you by giving you our insight of kinesiology and how natural transformation incorporates this into our services.

Clients in the past have come to us with injuries, illness or just a general unwell-being feeling within themselves. Then we determine what service is best for this client.

We start by taking a comprehensive medical history of the client. Then a kinesiology treatment takes place. A kinesiology treatment is known as 'a Balance' during which the client is lying face up on a massage table and remains fully clothed. The practitioner uses muscle monitoring to locate and address energy imbalances within the body.


The diverse balancing methods that our natural transformation practitioner uses are;

  • Emotion Healing
  • Major and Minor Chakra re-balancing
  • Vibrational Healing System – The Chinese Meridian Acupuncture System (acupressure – no needles)
  • Basic Massage and Trigger Point Therapy
  • Myofascial Anatomy Trains Therapy (kinesiology and massage of  facial trains)
  • TMJ Kinesiology
  • Nutritional Kinesiology

Each Kinesiology balance is unique because it is determined by the responses gained from muscle monitoring to that individual.

The body never forgets because our survival-oriented structure means we hold all memories, particularly memories of negative experiences, somewhere in our system. The subconscious mind projects these experiences into the body, mind and soul, and outcome that give rise to 'feelings'.

To the uninitiated, Kinesiology can be a somewhat perplexing experience. An oft-heard comment from new clients is: "I don't know what the practitioner did, but it seemed to work because I definitely feel better".

A disturbed energy imbalance or flow within the human body can be structural, chemical, nutritional, mental, emotional and spiritual. This stress may manifest in the person as some form of disease, an accident, poor nutritional or postural habits, an unresolved argument, personal trauma or crisis, even emotions, particularly unresolved negative emotions.


During a Kinesiology balance, people are surprised to find themselves recalling long forgotten incidents. Muscle monitoring can pinpoint these emotional triggers, the person is given the chance to re-evaluate the events and the circumstances surrounding it. In the context of their current life experience, they are then in a position to change their responses and to choose new and more relevant responses.

Each Kinesiology balance is different because it honors the person's own healing potential and the sequence it follows to bring about the remarkable process that is healing.