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Nutritional Kinesiology

Nutritional Kinesiology is where a practitioner can used muscle monitoring, whilst touching nutritional reflex points on the body to access if there is an imbalance with in the body to their nutrition needs. As kinesiologists we can’t prescribe natural herbs but with nutritional kinesiology this is how we can help you.

When people are consciously selecting a nutritious diet, they are bombarded with so many concepts on how to do and which one to take……we are no different here just to let you know and we too have our own theories and ideas associated with this but there is a major difference.


We hear you and understand how that feels. That’s why we at natural transformation base our theories and programs on what is going on within your body. Our basis of our design for weight loss and basically eating healthier is on the hormones in our bodies and what they role they play. Now I tell you if these guys are working properly, then you’re already behind the eight ball before you even start your new fitness and nutrition program.

Of course we have other elements of the body we access and look at when comes to helping a person achieve their goals, but we are keeping those secrets. You will be blown away with what we suggest and the reasons to why……because it’s really simple and easy…’s actual not a new concept it’s been around for a long while.

Here’s one little thing we want you to leave you with. Everybody has their own unique blue print for the body with what food they need and how much to put in. Basically if you put the wrong fuel in your car it doesn’t go….well same with the human body.