natural transformation

a holistic approach to health and fitness.

Personal Training

At natural transformation we develop training programs to meet individual needs and goals based on a holistic approach to health and fitness using a combination of methods such as resistance training, static and dynamic posture evaluation, core stability training, corrective exercise and injury and sports rehabilitation.


This can be for one on one, small groups, circuit classes, boxing; really it’s all about you and what you want.

As you have probably read a couple of times our little quote we have stated ‘you have to fix the cracks in your foundation first before you reach your goals’. We are going to explain to you how this comes into how we at natural transformation approach personal training to you.

As you read above we have a holistic approach to your training. So if you’re looking for a trainer to train you till you throw up, run you ragged and scream at you to do want they want, well you have defiantly come to the wrong place.

We here at natural transformation like to build your bodies to operate the way they are designed too. This is not saying that your training will be easy, we have the knowledge and a vast arrange of equipment at our disposal to make you sweat but at the same time make sure we are training you in a correct and safe manner.