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What is Sports Kinesiology?

Sports Kinesiology is a culmination of the most advanced philosophies, techniques and procedures from Orthopedic Medical Science and Holistic Kinesiology, incorporating sports medicine, sports science, performance training, recovery & rehabilitation, nutrition and nutritional biochemistry, psychology and the energetic sciences.

Our Explanation

Again above is a technical explanation of sports kinesiology. Again we will explain sports kinesiology to you by giving you our insight of sports kinesiology and how natural transformation incorporates this into our services.

If you have read the page about kinesiology you would have found out what kinesiology is and how we apply kinesiology. We use all the same modalities in a kinesiology treatment as in a sports kinesiology treatment. But there are a few differences.

We start by taking a comprehensive medical history of the client, then an evaluation of the client’s posture  and some basic orthopedic tests are performed. The client remains fully clothed. This information gathered in this evaluation helps the practitioner determine what corrective exercises and stretches are to be given regarding the clients symptoms.

Then as the same as in a kinesiology treatment 'a Balance' is performed, during which the client is lying face up on a massage table and remains fully clothed. The practitioner uses muscle monitoring to locate and address energy imbalances within the body.

When the practitioner has finished the kinesiology part of the session and there is time, an action plan of your health and fitness program is advised to you. This can consist of:

· Exercises and stretches determined through the evaluation.

· A nutritional eating plan if required

· What is required of the client from us?

· Basically anything we think would be beneficial to your healing.

So as you can see we offer you the complete overhaul of your mind, body and soul like no one else in the business.

So are you ready to jump aboard with us yet…..Still unsure well we have helped a wide variety of clients over the years. If you haven’t yet, check out the testimonials that have been written by our satisfied customers.