natural transformation

a holistic approach to health and fitness.

What makes our's different to the rest? 

We look at all off you. You are your own unique blueprint and that is what makes you tick. But your mechanics are the same, e.g. muscles, joints, bones and organs………

What makes us different from other programs is that we incorporate kinesiology on a sports capacity into this program. This unique and quite wonderful healing modality can read, unlock, correct and heal all your systems together. Of course there has to be some work from yourself to keep those systems together, it’s not miracle cure. It’s a therapy that simply turns your systems on like you turning on a light bulb with a flick of a switch.

Of course if you have an injury or an imbalance it’s not just take one visit and one exercise program. 

Over the vast years of working on people and helping fixing there imbalances within the body, we have found that over three months (12 weeks – 3 kinesiology and 3 exercise program sessions) most imbalances are worked out. This combination of kinesiology and exercise prescription together has had some amazing results for us over the years. 

This is where it gets interesting: for the body to have greater energy, greater transportation and simply work the way its suppose too, we need still to discover the clients own unique blueprint nutritional requirements for these systems to start working your body the way it was designed too.  

We have developed a system of combining several systems with regards to Nutritional Requirements for the body